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5x7 Ink Drawings

Portraits of Birds
9x12, Watercolor and Holographic Watercolor on Paper

Mixed Media Assemblage

Wound Care
Ace Bandage and Acrylic on Canvas

Last Spring, my mother for whom I care, had a GI bleed in which she had to be emergency intubated. A month later, her legs swelled, blisters appeared and popped. We saw a lot of Dr.'s to try and figure out what was going on with her. Turned out she had kidney disease and we started going to a wound care clinic every week, with a visiting nurse coming in between to change the dressings. After 10 months of treatment and using lymph edema pumps every day for an hour, the wound healed.
We had an abundance of leftover supplies and like an innovative artist, I am always looking for ways to turn pain and obstacles into something more. Something people can learn from and witness.

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