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Artist Statement

I am a Massachusetts based 2D Visual Artist and certified freelance Art Instructor. I have been a practicing Visual Artist for over twenty years and have exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the New England area. I attended Hampshire College where I received a B.A. in Comparative Religion and Visual Art in 2003. In 2008, I received an M.Ed for Teaching Visual Arts PreK-8 from Lesley University.


Most recently, I have been creating  a variety of abstract and figurative pieces. Due to my struggle with kidney disease and arthritis, I have been very isolated for the last three years. I am highly immune compromised and have been challenged with daily functionality. In turn,  I have been creating artwork that visually expresses how I have coped with the debilitating side effects of my medical conditions and their treatment.


I have a wide-reaching style that can be both serious and whimsical.  I am familiar with a plethora of different art techniques and materials, utilizing my skills as an elementary art teacher to create mixed media work. I am both a traditionalist as well as rebellious in my use of subject, medium and style. I aim to visually communicate emotions as a means of spiritual and literal survival. For me, creating art is a compulsion and a necessary tool for revealing a voice that is overlooked.

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