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 Upcoming and Recent Exhibitions

Group Exhibition
Revelry @ 33
Northampton Center for the Arts

Group Exhibition
MICA Fest, Northampton
Spring 2024

AIR Space Gallery, Amherst
Fall 2024



Viva la Difference, Group Exhibition, Big Red Frame and Elusie Gallery, February 2024


Spring Eternal
Easthampton Media
April and May 2023

Visions of the Connecticut River
Group Exhibition, May-July 2023

Revelry at 33
Group Exhibition and Fundraiser at the Northampton Center for the Arts
April 2023

Spring Eternal

Sunderland Public Library
            Jan-Feb 2023


Spring Eternal is a visual celebration of representing and preserving the natural world both literally and figuratively. For Spring Eternal, I have produced abstract landscapes, visual representations of flora and fauna as well as actual dried and pressed flowers adhered to canvas and painted. Spring Eternal is intended to imbue the viewer with a feeling of a fresh perspective.

This exhibition is a tribute to my appreciation for the natural world, and especially the beauty of the local region. This area’s vibrant natural landscape is one of the primary reasons the artist moved to the town of Sunderland. Spring Eternal is a celebration of this wonderful town and all of its natural splendor.


Anchor House of Artists January 2023


Invoke is an exhibition that explores how I use abstract imagery to create figures that embody mythical qualities. These visual creations are talismans or spiritual protectors that assist me through the many challenges I faces as a person who suffers from multiple chronic health conditions. Each piece included in this exhibition is my invocation of qualities that I need to move forward in life.

Solo Exhibition at Bistro 63

September-December 2022

Wall Space at the Mill District Gallery

July-December 2022

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